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Emergency Survival Supplies

Heavy Duty Tarp

– Tarp is sold in most home improvement stores; choose a dark color that doesn’t stand out (in case you ever have to hide out in the forest), and have 3 – 5 tarps of various sizes. Tarp can be used for a number of things – from building shelters in the forest, to building shelters underground.

Survival Gear Checklist

Rain Catch -Tarp can also be used as a “rain catch” for catching rain water, for drinking. Lay the tarp out flat, and then hoist it into the air from all four corners, so it sags in the middle; this is where water from any rain will collect.

First Aid Kit

– Make sure you have a well stocked first aid kit, which are commonly sold at drugstores and back country stores. With your kit, be sure to include a generous supply of Ibuprofen (pain reliever and fever reducer), and antiseptic spray for burns, stings, and cuts. Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are also recommended by some, for washing out wounds, in preparation for bandaging. Anti-diarrhea medication is also recommended, as there is a chance you may eat contaminated food or drink contaminated water at some point, and suffer from it.

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Because, quite a few people still go to church, and recognize that “acts of God” have been occurring more and more frequently in the world. Around the world, the weather has gotten worse, and natural disasters have gotten bigger and killed more people. (Hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans, a modern day Sin City and the 2004 Tsunami killed over 300,000 people in South Asia).

Cold Weather Parka and Snow Pants

– Since you might find yourself out in cold weather during the day time, as you collect firewood, help out neighbors, and hunt and fish for food, it’s important to have the right coat and pants that can withstand the elements, especially snow and slush. As an added bonus, if you have to flee your community, you can even sleep in your coat and pants, if they’re layered right and / or rated to keep you warm.

Radio and batteries

– A small emergency radio is good to have around; if news is still broadcasting you can pick up reports to find out how the rest of the nation is faring during this time of devastation. A radio is only as good as the amount of batteries you have to power it, so keep a generous supply. Nowadays, there are emergency radios for under $50 that do not need batteries, but have a wind up dial that you crank, to generate power for up to 30 minutes or more. It might be smart to have both, this way if the wind up dial ever breaks, you still have a back up radio with batteries.

Emergency Survival Supplies List

What about heat?

– In an extended emergency, you (and anyone staying with you, such as friends or family) should restrain the urge to burn fuel for heat and instead put on several layers of clothing, gloves, wool socks, jacket, stocking hat, and or balaclava (ski mask) to stay warm. By dressing warmly instead of burning fuel, you will conserve any fuel that you do have for cooking purposes only, and overall your fuel will now last a lot longer.

Propane is the most obvious fuel source to keep on your property, and most people who own a barbecue usually have one multi gallon propane tank tucked underneath or to the side. In preparing your home for disaster, if you have the money to spend, consider buying and filling five to ten of these. Or better yet, just as RV owners do, you can buy propane tanks that are extra large in capacity, and hold a lot more propane than typical 13 gallon barbecue tanks.

If for some reason it’s not safe to travel by road, you can always travel by walking alongside railroad tracks. Make sure you have a specific map that includes railroad track routes, and then consider following one or more (make sure you have a good compass, and know how to use it before hand).

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Our planet is clearly going through perilous changes. The fact that the polar ice caps are melting and the fact that the weather is getting more severe all around the globe — well, it looks like disasters are going to become more commonplace — and kill a lot more people.

Survival Gear Checklist Disaster

Warning about Lawlessness – In the event of a catastrophe, looters may be out scavenging for propane tanks, so keep yours well hidden, as much as possible. If you’re doing any outside cooking, keep in mind that the smell of your food can drift for a far distance, catching the attention of scavengers, who (in the wake up lawlessness) may be willing to kill or seriously injure you, to take any and all water, food, and other supplies you have on your property.

Large Supply of Bottled Water

, and the knowledge to procure water from contaminated sources. Two of the most common methods for procuring drinking water from contaminated sources are called “distilling” (which involves boiling water and collecting the steam in a “run-off” that then drips clean water into a separate container); the other method is called “filtering”, which involves pouring water through a manufactured or home-made “filter” system, in an effort to remove contaminates.

Consider stocking up on clothing that’s geared for heavy use

, such as that sold by outdoor clothing stores, such as Carhart. Have an assortment of pants, sweat pants, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, thermal underwear, and a few pairs of wool socks. If you can afford to buy more than the average person, don’t hesitate to do so.

Today there are

lanterns and flashlights

that don’t need batteries; like the emergency radios mentioned above, these usually generate power by a wind up dial, and some smaller flashlights you activate by “shaking” for a short period of time. As it’s not known how reliable these devices are with repeat use, I suggest that you have both battery operated flashlights / headlamps, in addition to the wind up flashlights and wind up lanterns.

(Don’t hesitate to add a few personal extras as well to your first aid kit. For example, an extra set of toe nail clippers and finger nail clippers, as well as chap stick, can go a long ways in an extended emergency.)

Now that you have a “warm room” sealed off in your house, build a “children’s fort” inside (out of tarp and blankets) that is big enough for your family to then crawl inside and sleep in. This is almost like the “igloo” such as Eskimos build in the freezing snow of Alaska. You’ll find that your body heat from you / your group will help keep this space at a warmer temperature than the rest of the house.

Warm Room

– Tarp can also be used to help insulate a “warm room”, which is a room that is set aside in your house where all family members can meet together at night, to conserve body heat. Just as children like to build “forts”, choose one room in your house that you can seal off at night, and build a “fort” inside.

Personal Hygiene Items

– In preparation for a widespread disaster, and the possible collapse of government and our entire economy, you should be aware that the next time you go shopping at a supermarket, it could be your last. If the economy falls, stores are going to fast run out of food and supplies, and without new shipments coming, there will be no more stores to buy from. Not only is your money likely to be useless, but the items that you do need are going to be in high demand, which probably means very hard to come by.

Please keep that in mind, and as much as possible, consider buying more than your family needs, so you can help out your neighbors (in addition to friends and family that may live nearby) when disaster finally strikes. They’re going to need food and water also.

doomsday preppers supplies for sale Portland Oregon 97229
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